yoga for everyone

group and private classes. the yoga that i propose is soft, slow and progressive; as i practiced it and i learned it in india.

my classes are for everyone; both for those who already practice yoga and for starters. it is not about competitiveness or physical performance, but about self-exploration and observation through the body, breath and mind, with the purpose of being more attentive to oneself, at your own pace and your own nature.

if you’re interested in:

yoga can help you. me too.

hatha yoga

it combines the practice of physical postures (asanas) and breathing control (pranayama). regular practice improves concentration, flexibility, strength and relaxation. yoga achieves relaxation and physical, emotional and mental balance by harmonizing the whole.

soft yoga

for those who simply want a gentle practice. courses adapted to people with particular health conditions.


· 19h00-20h30

· 09h30-11h00
· 11h30-13h00
· 19h00-20h30

· 09h30-11h00
· 11h30-13h00
· 19h00-20h30

· 07h00-08h30 one hour duration lesson outside (santa margarita promenade, between the hotel montecarlo and the restaurant la tagliatella, under the palm trees, over the sand (bring a sarong or a large towel) — google map)

1 free video lesson of one hour per week (on my youtube channel)


simple: no packs, € 10 per course and, for those affected by the current crisis, i accept donations (money won't be an excuse not to continue your practice). i will place a bowl at the exit.
(!) the first class is free


the maximum capacity of the room is currently 6 people, so i ask you to confirm your presence at least one day in advance. i would also like you to come to the lessons at least 10 minutes before the hour because i'll take you two by two to the locker room. it's also important to bring your own gear (yoga mat, blanket, etc.) which you will pick up at the end of the course.


sala de yoga de roses
carrer de josé de espronceda, 21 (google map).

don't forget!

come with your yoga mat, a cushion, soft and comfortable clothes and a sarong or blanket and a pair of warm socks in winter.
(!) we recommend not to eat within 2 hours before the class.

eric and the yoga

traveling in india a few years ago i went to stop in aurovalley, an ashram located at the foot of the himalayas, on the bank of the ganges. before arriving at that place, yoga was, for me, a kind of gymnastics practiced by women obsessed with their weight.
those nine days of intense practice were enough to change, first, my opinion, then, the course of my trip (so i decided to know more by visiting other ashrams in northern india and nepal) and finally, the course of my life. when i returned to spain i started to practice it and study it assiduously

more recently, i undertook a three-month trip to india, visiting places and meeting people who are close to or very close to yoga. i trained as a teacher in the 'yoga vidya gurukul' ( of nasik, a school led by the mandlik clan, a reputed family of brahmins dedicated to the teaching of traditional yoga for several generations.

sri aurobindo and the mother

i have a special devotion and love for the couple 'sri aurobindo and the mother' (perhaps the most famous spiritual couple of yoga of the twentieth century). after all, my path in yoga debuted through a door that they opened wide to me.

eric milet
design, walks & yoga
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