where are you from ? "from here and from nowhere" do i usually answer when asked the question. born in belgium, i lived many years in madrid, i spent the summers of my childhood and youth, here in ampurdan, i studied and lived in france, i travel as soon as i have the opportunity. nor belgian, nor french, nor spanish, nor catalan. i consider myself european. from western europe to be more precise.


first of all imagine, design and create. no policeman, no firefighter, no cow-boy ... when i was a child it was inventor that i wanted to be. in the end that's what i became. i worked in many companies, including mine. as ad creative, ad art director, graphic designer, branding expert, but also as a trainer, teacher and graphic arts advisor.


i discovered it accidentally in india a few years ago. since then i have been progressively practicing it daily; both yoga and meditation. although my practice goes beyond the mat. it is a state of mind, a way of being, a life style. in october 2018, i returned to india, with among other purposes to obtain the title of yoga instructor. i studied in a famous ashram not far from mumbai where i was taught the traditional way of practicing and transmitting it.


walk, walk and walk. to move without depending on anyone except your own legs. thinking, meditating, contemplating the landscape around you. not being in a hurry, being and that’s it.


it is obvious, the world is moving fast forward.
with the covid-19 crisis many things are changing drastically.
the way we live, the way we think, the way we work, the way we share...
i'd like to be involved and participate to this big turning.
this is what i'm bringing.


get rid of what is remaining, keeping the just needed. so simple, so beautiful !

eric milet
design, walks & yoga
+34 605 856 740
roses, girona, spain