an accident

i discovered yoga a bit by chance a few years ago in india. there, in an ashram in the north of the country and thanks to my eldest daughter, yoga teacher, who was staying there i immersed myself in the practice during nine intense days. its beneficial effects on my body and mind have been felt right away. as soon as i returned to spain, i devoured the various classics of yoga that a bengali teacher friend of mine had offered me; then i continued to read, to learn more within the net and, above all, to practice by myself, alone, at home. quickly noting that i was stagnating, i participated in workshops, online courses with video support and even formal courses. i continued to read textbooks and classical texts. and gradually my practice has become daily; until today.

integral yoga

traditional yoga is a way of life in india. centuries ago, hatha yoga, developed by the sages of the nath tradition, preached a practice based on the concept of purification: the defilements of the mind and body being eliminated using various techniques. internal organs purification, physical exercises, breathing control and meditation. more recently, at the beginning of the twentieth century, sri aurobindo, sage, intellectual, poet and leader of independence, coined the expression "integral yoga", his motto being "all life is yoga"; he advocates a practice covering all aspects of life.

traditional yoga

i entered yoga a few years ago through the door of "integral yoga" in a sri aurobindo ashram of uttarakhand ( most recently, in october 2018, i’ve been trained as instructor in yoga vidya gurukul (, an ashram from the state of maharastra, nasik, led by the mandlik clan, a famous family of brahmins dedicated to teaching yoga for several generations.

teaching yoga

although my knowledge of yoga far surpasses that of most people, it does not make me an authentic yoga teacher. although it is not my true profession, i teach it with passion. i offer individual and group classes. if you want to practice a complete, calm and progressive yoga, based on tradition, i am your teacher.

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yoga can help you. me too.

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