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eric milet i llobet

finest walker of
(catalonia, spain)

«If you are ready to leave father and mother, and brother and sister, and wife and child and friends, and never see them again; if you have paid your debts, and made your will, and settled all your affairs, and are a free man; then you are ready for a walk.»

henry david thoreau / ‘walking’

so, we walk?

whether on foot, bicycle or motorcycle, i surveyed most of the wild places of e​mpordà.​
because my family is from the area i’m used to pace it since my childhood.

if you ever felt —like me— the call of the nature i invite you to follow me down d​uring my walks, hikes, rides and bivouacs, mostly on unbeaten tracks.
during a single morning, a day, several days ...
dolmens, ruins, caves, coves, beaches, wetlands, forests ...

eric milet i llobet
+34 605 856 740
roses, girona

which spirit?
most of my walks and hikes don’t require any special physical condition. if you’re used to walk during the weekends you won’t have any difficulty to follow me; but, if that will happen, then i’ll be patient. moreover, know that my approach is essentially contemplative. walking has become for me one more way of living here and now. i also love bivouacking when the good weather comes. then i take a sleeping bag, an inflatable mat, a mosquito net, a knife, a frontal light, a little food and water and that’s it!

which itineraries?
i used to start by foot from roses directly and take one of the many trails going through the natural parks of cap de creus, albera and aiguamolls (wetlands). when the place is more remote i go by bike or motorbike. the choice of the route depends on the season, the weather and, very important, if the tramontana —the north wind— blows or not. coast trails, interior trails, prehistoric sites, castle ruins, abandoned farms, caves, coves ...
let’s meet us and decide together the journey.

which stuff?
i always prefer the lightest one which allows me walking as comfortable as possible. light trekking shoes, shorts or two pieces pants with no side pockets (handy when you’re crossing bushy paths), a t-shirt, a windbreaker, a cap, a sunscreen, fruit (fresh and dried), water, non-tinted glasses goggles (it’s lightweight, robust and you’ll be able to observe the amazing subaquatic wildlife), a mini towel, a bag-back, a penknife, a wristwatch-compass-altimeter and a topographic 1 / 25,000 map. and for bivouacking, a frontal light, an inflatable mat, a compact sleeping bag and a mosquito net or a light tent if rain is coming (i can lend some gear). otherwise i must warn that for security reasons i won’t accept with me any person i’ll consider not wearing the proper shoes and clothes and not bringing with him/her the minimum food and water.

i’m usually available all the year long. however i use to take some vacations sometimes and also, because i share this activity with my occupation as a freelance graphic designer i need to be organized myself. what i mean is that we should agree the moment together.

how much?
from € 15 (taxes not included) per person and per walk or hike.

so, we walk?

eric milet i llobet
finest walker of empordà
since 1964
+34 605 856 740

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